Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bank appraisal...

My bank did their appraisal today, so I should hopefully have a decent idea of when I can close/move in either tomorrow or Thursday... hoping I can get moved in by the end of October to avoid paying double rent in December.

My bank appears to be really moving along on my paperwork (at my request). It's so nice to have a bank working for me for a change, instead of waiting around endlessly on someone else's.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things are speeding up...

After so much time spent in the planning/waiting phase of this, we're finally starting to get some progress made.

My independent home inspection on the property is complete. There are a million small repairs that need to be made, and a few big ones... several bowed concrete walls in the basement, for example. But they are all repairable, and this property is still very much worth it to me.

Spent about 4 hours in and around the property with my father during the home inspection... planning, poking around, sitting by the lake. Even in it's current state, it's quite beautiful.

So now it's in my bank's hands... they need to write up my loan paperwork and do an appraisal. I've expressed to them on a number of occasions the urgency with which I'd like to proceed here, so hopefully they work faster than Wells Fargo did on the other end.

Went to the Springfield Antiques Extravaganza both days this weekend, and picked up a lot of mighty cool stuff, including an excellent condition flour mill ($25), a good condition high-wheel cultivator ($35), a cool old card catalog and some old pepsi crates to store seed in, and some other various practical items. I was supposed to venture out past Dayton to purchase a mint condition Delaval cream separator, but the deal fell through last minute, so I suppose I'm still in the market for one of those. I'm a ways off getting any goats or livestock anyhow, so I've got time.

Speaking of animals, the farm may come fully equipped with a delightful 14 y.o. beagle/basset mix named Noodles. The seller can't take her with him and she wouldn't live long at a shelter at her advanced age. She's friendly, mostly blind, and snores like a bastard, and I can't say no to dogs... hopefully I can help make the last of her life pleasing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

bank accepts my offer...

after seven agonizing weeks of tack-sitting, patience-building, and generalized anxiety, i am much pleased to report that the seller's bank has finally accepted my offer on the farm property.

we do the home inspection tomorrow... hopefully they don't find any nasty or unmanageable surprises. fingers still crossed!

in related news, i finally got around to the part of Raintree Nursery's website where it talks about when is best to plant trees in which climate zone. looks like even if i can get the deed in-hand this month (which is unlikely), it's still too late to get trees in the ground before winter, as their root structure wouldn't have established itself sufficiently to protect them from the freeze.

which means that fall's only real outdoor projects will be staking out garden spaces, sheet mulching, and path-laying. this might also afford me some time to get going on a greenhouse, rabbit hutch, or chicken coop. then, once winter hits, i'll be stuck inside, renovating.

IF, that is, the inspection goes well tomorrow. one step at a time.

also hopefully getting a late 90's Nissan pickup tomorrow. my first truck! big day.