Monday, September 6, 2010

Pickled Green Tomatoes...

My folks came up to the farm to celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary today. My mom is currently taking the vacuum to every nook and cranny of my house (which is what passes for fun in her life).

We dug up some Purple Viking potatoes to roast with carrots as a side dish tonight. I'm learning that using straw in the tire-towers was a pretty huge failure... it never made close enough contact with the length of stem to prompt tuber growth. The only potatoes I'm finding all are the way at the bottom of each pile, down in the compost.

As such, I'm not getting many potatoes per tower, but I'll still have enough to be floating around in potatoes for a while.

Also picked a ton of tomatoes (red and green and in-between) off of some sick-looking tomato plants. Don't really mind because it gave me an excuse to pickle and can 6 pints of green tomatoes, which are cooling as I type this. Man, I love making pickles!