Saturday, October 8, 2011

Greenhouse progress...

Now that we finally, finally (finally) got a break in the weather here in Central Ohio (meaning it hasn't pissed cold rain consistently for at least 24 hours running), we're jumping on the opportunity to get major construction begun on the greenhouse.  The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous, with nary a cloud to be seen, temps in the cofortably seventies/eighties, and a pleasant breeze.  

Our goal this weekend was to get all the posts set in concrete.  Having to continually wet-vac six to ten inches of smelly stagnant water out of each of twenty-one holes is a chapter of this construction saga that I am quite content to put behind us.

The remaining skids of cement got delivered on time, and they even helped us remove the skid that had been completely blocking our barn entrance.  In a seemingly impossible boon, we found that the some fifty bags of concrete that had been sitting outside (albeit under roof and tightly tarped/wrapped) through one of the soggiest early falls in recent memory were not affected in the least, and had not set up despite all the moisture in the air.  

Our second-biggest advantage was my new 4.1 cubic foot cement mixer.  This bad boy can easily mix two 80lb. bags at a time, and makes what is normally the most grinding part of cement work much easier.  You do  however still have to lift each bag off the skid and into the top of the mixer.  Thus, I am still crushingly sore.

At the end of Saturday, we managed to get nine out of twenty-one poles in the ground, including all four corners.  The day also featured a full-tilt cleaning binge followed by a visit from family friends and fellow antique mavens the Streffs.  I gave them a grand tour of the property, found maple trees in my swale (must remember to tag them before the leaves drop so I know which ones to tap come wintertime), and even found an old brown glass Adolph's Meat Tenderizer bottle sticking out of the mud.  

An especially trying Sunday found us needing to "move" a 34-inch deep hole a good six inches through gravel and clay, we FINALLY crossed the finish line, and finished pouring the last post hole just as dusk and clouds of ravenous mosquitoes settled in upon us.

Broken and exhausted (but jubilant) we limped back inside for dinner on Sunday.  Next up... framing!